The children, staff, parents and the wider community at Bolton Parish Church School have been enjoying a fantastic International Primary Curriculum Creative Week.

Head Teacher, Ms Debra Meekings has been overwhelmed by the levels of support and engagement from the pupils and parents in a fantastic week of learning. The International week was launched by welcoming a host of visitors from around the world into school to talk to classes and share their experiences. School were very lucky to have the help, support and generosity of volunteers from The Bridge Church adjacent to the school, who gave up their own valuable time to come into school to talk to the children about Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania, Thailand, Brazil and Nepal. This was followed by a Greek Dance workshop and multi- games from around the world Sports day. The pupil’s responses were amazing and they have especially enjoyed these real links to their learning and the world beyond school. A circus workshop was also a highlight of the week, which at the same time as being fun developed children’s resilience and confidence.

Throughout the week the children travelled to a variety of countries set up in different classes with a learning passport finding out about different cultures and comparing them to their own British Values. From a mini world cup football event, to making Pizza to sell at the International Festival on Friday the children were so actively engaged in their learning and the staff worked so hard as a team to ensure that the school became a place where primary school memories are created. The fabulous and newly formed “Friends of Bolton Parish” organised an amazing International Festival and raised a massive £825 for school funds. The response and support that I have received this year in post as Head Teacher has been staggering! – The school Motto is “Be Proud” and I am certainly proud of the commitment, contribution and enthusiasm of the children, staff, parents, governors, Church and community who have supported Bolton Parish.


Welcome to Reception.
Welcome to Reception. Now that you are in Reception you will be learning lots of new and exciting things. We will be learning our letter sounds through Read Write Inc and using them to read and write. We will be looking at numbers and using them to solve simple problems. We also will be looking at different topics such as ‘Treasure’, ‘Changes’ and ‘All About Me.’
Don’t forget to bring in your wellington boots as we spend a lot of time outside in our mud kitchen, using the climbing frames and having fun! We look forward to this exciting year ahead.

Miss Purcell

Year 1

I am very pleased and excited to welcome you to Year One this year.
I hope that you are looking forward to the year ahead and that we are going to work hard together to achieve great things, but also remember to have plenty of fun doing so.
I hope that you are excited about your transition from Reception to Year One and are prepared to be great young role models for the current reception class.

Year 2

We are really looking forward to working with you and your family over the next year to prepare for Key Stage 1.
You are now the role models for Key Stage 1 and must make sure you set a good example and always try your best.
We hope you are as excited as we are to have a fabulous time full of fun and excitement, learning lots of new things and developing as young people.
Remember to bring a good attitude to learning and a smile every day!
Mrs King

Year 3

Miss Patel and Miss Saleem are looking forward to working with you and your family as you begin your learning journey in KS2.
Now that you are in Year 3 you will be taking on new challenges and learning new skills. Miss Patel knows that you will always try your best and have the resilience to keep trying when you are struggling. We look forward to witnessing your fantastic attitude towards your learning.
In Year 3 we are authors, mathematicians, scientist, explorers, problem solvers and so much more!
As moving up to the juniors can be daunting, we will always aim to make your learning engaging, fun and purposeful with lots of fun learning opportunities.
We look forward to a happy and successful year ahead where the children grow in their learning and themselves.

Year 4

Mrs Nelson and I are very excited about working with this year’s Year 4 class and are looking forward to a fun and busy year,
learning lots of new things together.
We both have exceptionally high expectations of the standard of work we expect to see, and the behaviour we expect from all of the children to ensure that good learning is able to take place at all times. As we are among the older children in school, it is important to set an excellent example to the younger children.
To make sure that everybody achieves what they are capable of, it is essential that we all give our absolute best at all times, putting in the maximum effort in order to achieve the maximum results! Be resilient, don’t give up!
We look forward to an enjoyable year ahead, filled with hard work and new experiences, and we are keen to see the children grow and develop on their journey towards adulthood.
Mr S. Sweeney

Year 5

Miss Pugh and Mrs Fishwick are excited to be working with you and your family as you begin your new learning journey.
In Year 5 we will be embracing new challenges and Miss Pugh is confident that year 5 pupils will be resilient and
have a super attitude to their learning.
In Year 5 we will have lots of fun trying out new activities as well as tackling some familiar subjects.
As we are some of the older juniors, we will be excellent role models for other pupils and have a happy and successful year

Year 6

We are looking forward to working with you and your family as you continue your learning journey in KS2.
Now that you are in Year 6 you will be at the top of the school and the role model learners for all other children. Whether it is literacy, P.E, maths or handwriting, all we ask is that you put the best effort into your work and you shall reap the rewards. We want to ensure that you are ready for the next step in your education as upstanding citizens of society and we want you to prosper in whatever path you choose. It starts with you and we look forward to an exciting year!
We look forward to a happy and