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Governor Full Name Committees Nominated Roles/Responsibilities
Graham Burrows Resource; Curriculum Chair of Governors; Year 5 Class Governor
Andrew Mitchell (Vice Chair)  Resource(Chair)  Vice Chair of Governors; Finance; HT Performance Review; IPC; Partnership Governor; Year 3 Class Governor
 Cllr John Walsh  Resource  Reception Class Governor
 Revd Moira Slack Curriculum  Maths; Year 2 Class Governors
 Evelyn Weston Curriculum  Science and DTHT Performance Review; Nursery Class Governor
 Rose-Marie Newport Curriculum  Pupil Welfare; Child Protection; Safeguarding; SEN/Looked after Children; Pupil Premium; Year 4 Class Governor
 Chris Hobson Curriculum  Year 6 Class Governor
 Cllr Martin Donaghy Resource  Health and Safety; Computing; Year 1 Class Governor
 Angela Worthington Curriculum; Resource
 Claire Brooks Curriculum
 Lisa Davies Resource  Community Links; Parent Liaison; Governor Training
Last Updated On October 30, 2018