Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Nelson and I are very excited about working with this year’s Year 4 class and are looking forward to a fun and busy year, learning lots of new things together.

We both have exceptionally high expectations of the standard of work we expect to see, and the behaviour we
expect from all of the children to ensure that good learning is able to take place at all times.

As we are among the older children in school, it is important to set an excellent example to the younger children.

To make sure that everybody achieves what they are capable of, it is essential that we all give our absolute best at all times, putting in the maximum effort in order to achieve the maximum results! Be resilient, don’t give up!

We look forward to an enjoyable year ahead, filled with hard work and new experiences, and we are keen to see the children grow and develop on their journey towards adulthood.

Mr S. Sweeney

Year 4

Topic and Science Tables 2018 - 2019
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
The Roman empire in Britain


Whats it like in Bolton

Anglo Saxons and Scots

Living things and their habitats

States of Matter



Animals including humans

Scientist and Inventors

Living things

Last Updated On April 23, 2019